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Shaheel imraan ali 2023, Jan. 12
Painting by Anastacia looks awesome. Thank you.
Misa 2022, Dec. 27
Hi, I am Misa. I am from Japan and currently live in Canada with working holiday visa. I am looking for place where I can enhance my drawing skill and I am interested in your community. Is it possible to come and visit someday.Thank you so much for reading
Monica Jaeschke 2022, Nov. 24
I missed out on your Stacked rocks painting at the Anonymous Art Show tonight. Could you paint me something similar at th pe same size
Asel 2022, Jun. 21
Hello, I am interested in art classes for my 8year old son. Could you share details please. Regards, Asel
Nazila 2022, Jun. 4
Hello, My son is 7 years old and I would like to register him in your painting classes. I would appreciate it if you could please let me know your availability. Thanks, Nazila
Unnikrishnan 2022, Mar. 10
Hi, I would like to get the details of drawing classes available for 7 year old kid. Please email me details including time or schedule, fees etc. Thanks a lot. Regards, Unnikrishnan
Debbie 2022, Feb. 27
Hello my child would like to attend art classes. She is almost 12 years old. I was wondering if you are accepting new students. If yes then what is the procedure Thanks
Jane 2021, Oct. 13
My daughter wants to learn figure drawing, if there is any class for her, thank you.
Dona 2021, May. 19
Hi Olga My daughter is 16 and she is interested in taking some art classes. Are you running any classes. Dona
Angelina Rudakova 2020, Nov. 16
Hello Olga, I am planning to apply for my visual arts bachelor and need to prepare my art portfolio. I was wondering if your studio lessons are still running considering the whole covid situation. If it is, please let me know.
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